Parson Russell terrier a Komondor

Parson Russell terrier and Komondor - of Beautiful Cold Hill

Parson Russell terrier and komondor kennel of Beautiful Cold Hill

Successful season for Broke BCH

Broke BCH is making us very happy. Her first season was made of 18 hunts and 7 pieces of wild pigs (together with other members of the pack) weighting 15 - 90 kg. She is such a great girl. We will see if she will have the same passion for earth works. Huge thanks to her owner Jirka Ruzicka.

January 2018 - Finland

At the begining of year we decided to check our breedings Arley (Pommi) and Berreta (Pipsa) in Finland. We packed all our dogs and children and went to north by a car. We spent 14 wonderful days in Finland and we had a great time. Beretta has grown up into a wonderful young lady and she is not only beautiful but she also has a great passion for hunt after her parents. She did foxes and raccoons already. Arley is not a young boy anymore, but a real male, who makes his hunting owners proud. It was lovely to see them again and spend some time together. We also saw father of our B litter while working and we also took our dogs to earth. Huge thanks to Hana and Gustav, who were taking care of us so well. We couldn't do it without them.

17.9.2017 Contact earth dog tests in Slovakia

In order not to have only contactless test but also contact tests, we went to Slovakia. It was a great weekend and wonderful weather. Endless hours of heavy rain and flooded burrow did not bring us any luck :( Fly refused to work so she didn't pass and Raf made the tests with 2nd merit.

28.6.2017 Arctic BCH "Sonny" joined his new pack

Sonny came back to our place due to illness of his former owners and we had to find a new home for him. He found the best owners he could and out of family pet, he is becomeing also a hunting dog. He passed hunters check on spring and this weekend he passed ZOP and Earthdog test (NZ). All the boys from "A" litter are hunters and we are so happy for them.

21.5.2017 Hodor sired puppies

Our Hodor is daddy to unbelievable 11 puppies - 5 girls and 6 boys. Puppies were born in kennel Dolmar z Alkazaru (breeder Sylvie Veĝmiĝovská). If you are interested in this breed, please do not hesitate to contact her.

18.4.2017 The girls are at their new homes

Time flies and so our girls are with their new families now. Badger, Broke and Burn live in Czech, Bazooka lives in Denmark and Beretta in Finland. All the girls live in families who will use them for hunting and we hope we will recieve only the best news.

9.2.2017 We have puppies

Our trip to Finland was successful and during todays night Fly gave birth to 5 girls. The birth went smoothly. Fly is excellent mum and takes very good care. All five girls are doing very well and drink with apetite.

24.1.2017 puppies were born in kennel Killers Hole.

Another litter sired by our Raf was born. There are two boys and two girls in kennel Killers Hole.

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